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    To nurture the physical, social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development of our students with a program grounded in excellence. 

    HCA Preschool offers a loving Christian atmosphere that recognizes the developmental stages of a young child. We understand that each student comes to us with unique gifts, characteristics and needs. We embrace the absolute authority of God’s Word and strive to be an environment where children can begin their faith journey, become disciples of Jesus Christ, & reflect God’s light into the world while they are nurtured in a place of belonging and purpose.

    We recognize the need for a safe, nurturing environment that encourages growth in all developmental areas. We know that young children learn best through play, exploration and age appropriate, hands-on activities and recognize the important function that early childhood educators play as facilitators and role models.


    • Children are given abundant opportunities to engage in independent, objective focused, play-based activities.  
    • The classroom experience provides for teacher-lead activities that include whole group, small group and one on one instruction.


    God’s Word is the foundation of everything that is taught in HCA Preschool.  It is the common thread that is woven into every lesson and in every classroom.  Children hide God’s Word in their heart with consistent scripture memory, Bible stories and Biblical concepts that are age appropriate and always taught in a fun and engaging way.  Prayer is an important part of each day and integrated into more activities than just saying grace over our daily snack.

    Our preschool staff is committed to intentional planning of sensory and interactive, engaging experiences throughout their preschool day. Hands-on learning is the best way for our students to explore and learn about their world. When the children are working with play dough, they are actually strengthening the muscles in their hands, and when strong enough, it will enable them to hold a pencil and write with great skill. When ooblick is being explored by our preschool students, they are exploring the difference between solids and liquids and young scientists are budding in the classroom. Finger painting increases fine motor coordination that is foundational to pre-writing skills and is used as a medium for children as they progress through the many stages of scribbling. It is messy fun that facilitates learning in the three, four and five-year-old mind. In every classroom, you will find an art area, a science area, a reading area, a sensory tables a block area and abundant puzzles. On any given day, one can find children enjoying sand, dirt, paint, shaving cream, bubbles, glitter, flubber, bubble wrap, and pasta noodles. You would watch the students using the creative brain that God gave them to make masterpieces and messes. The most exciting part is that they are enjoying every minute. Imagine a preschool that has a curriculum that includes performing developmentally appropriate activities that establish important brain development and establishes a firm foundation for a love of learning in each child. 

    This curriculum is an award winning program that uses lively music and playful activities to teach number concepts, geometry, sequencing, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and concepts about print.  The literacy and math segment of the curriculum uses developmentally appropriate activities that energize our classrooms. This curriculum draws from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies that engage preschool age students.  The program follows research that demonstrates children learn more effectively by experiential activities with materials that address all styles of learning.  It is effective teaching made fun.  This curriculum allows for children to reach developmental academic, gross motor, fine motor and social milestones without the frustration that can occur with traditional methods. Music plays an important role in our curriculum. Research confirms that it boosts memory and fosters body awareness and motor skills in young children. Children will learn about books through drawing and storytelling. Their oral language, thinking, and vocabulary skills will expand through the daily lessons that are taught in each classroom. The students are engaged in exercises that encourage them to trace and match letters, recognize letter sounds and learn sequencing. Centers also include activities on rhyming, syllable skills, listening and cooperation as a class.

    Our hands-on, developmental approach to teaching in HCA Preschool provides students with the foundations needed for academic success through music, movement, and multi-sensory lesson plans. Physical development skills are critical in the preschool years and children need to develop both fine and gross motor skills to be able to write. These skills are also pivotal to emotional and social development for future academic performance. Children of different abilities learn joyfully with age appropriate multi-sensory readiness and social-emotional activities. Our staff is successful at preparing preschool students for kindergarten and beyond!

    This award-winning curriculum uses:

    • Hands-on instruction that includes lively music & child-friendly teaching strategies
    • Easy-to-learn lessons
    • Developmental progression that builds on a child's prior knowledge
    • Multi-sensory approach that addresses diverse learning styles and fine motor strength

     Children will learn:

    • Foundational pre-writing skills
    • Letter and number recognition and formation
    • Fine and gross motor skills, such as grip, drawing, and building
    • Key social-emotional and readiness skills, including sharing, taking turns, and listening
    • Color, number, and shape lessons help develop grip, and crucial readiness and pre-writing skills

    Research has proven children who actively engage in music, songs, rhythmic patterns, gross motor activities and listening games, experience greater academic success and physical coordination. Given this, every HCA Preschool student is instructed each class period by our Music and Movement teacher with a variety of fun, engaging activities.

    The mission of Harvest Christian Academy is to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission. HCA is a ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel, one church on multiple campuses located throughout the Chicagoland area. HCA is located at the Elgin Campus.
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