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    We are Harvest. Our Christian school is a ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel. Being a ministry of our church makes us distinctive. Harvest Bible Chapel is one church on multiple campuses under the leadership of our founding pastor, Dr. James MacDonald. More than 14,000 people attend our weekend services. There are more than 100 Harvest Bible Chapel church plants across the world. Our school is part of this movement to see the revival in our generation for the glory of God. For more information about our church and what we believe, please visit

    We are a Christian school, not just a private school. We ask that at least one parent has a testimony of their commitment to Jesus Christ. A testimony goes something like this: “I was like this before I met Jesus Christ … I committed my life to follow Jesus believing he is the payment for my sin with his death, burial and resurrection. My life is now changed because of that commitment and my family and friends see the change in my life.” If you do not have a testimony, we would love to talk to you about how you can have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

    We are an academy. It does not benefit your child in their educational experience if they cannot keep up with the rigorous study schedule. Therefore, in most cases we accept children who test 50% and above. If your child does not test above 50%, we ask that you work with them for a year and try again the following year. We have a growing Resource Department that supports students with specific hurdles but we do not have the funds or ability to staff for all learning disabilities. If you are a home-schooling family and wish to send your children to HCA for Upper School, be sure you are focusing on math and reading so they will be ready when they enter the school. You should request a curriculum guide from the principal well in advance to help them prepare.


    Families may apply for financial aid.
    Any awards are "needs based: and range from 10-50% of tuition.
    Application is required via FACTS.
    Financial Aid online application is $30.
    Screening and award recommendation is accomplished by a third party firm.


    Q- What are my payment options?
    A - HCA offers three options: Full payment, semi-annual payments or monthly payments (10 months or 12 months.)

    Q - Please explain the monthly payment option.
    A – The monthly payment option uses a simple format. To determine your payment, please divide your total annual tuition by ten, eleven, or twelve. This payment program requires enrollment in an online tuition payment program (FACTS) which will automatically deduct payments from your checking/savings or credit card account on the 5th or 20th of each month beginning in August and ending in May or July.

    Q - Why are there member and non-member rates?
    A - It is common among church-sponsored Christian schools to offer a discounted rate to members of the sponsoring church. In the case of HCA, the members of Harvest Bible Chapel provide funding for the facility and all utilities as well as some administrative support functions. As such, member rates are offered at time of enrollment. they receive a discounted rate.

    Q - Can a family join Harvest Bible Chapel during the school year and receive the membership rate?
    A - No. The school bases its budget on the non-member/member revenues projected in August of each year. As such, it cannot grant a reduction of tuition throughout the school year. Simply stated, the rate that a family is assessed at the start of the school year must remain constant throughout that school year for budgeting purposes.

    Q - What are the school application/enrollment fees?
    A - HCA has established an application fee of $50 per child for lower, middle and high school. A $300  (prior to March 31 or $375 prior to June 30 and $425 after June 30) enrollment fee is due upon admissions acceptance to HCA. The preschool enrollment fee is $100 per child prior to March 31 and $150 after March 31. Both of these fees are non-refundable. This charge is all-inclusive of a variety of separate fees often charged by private schools. The amount of the fee will be re-evaluated on an annual basis. The fee does not include the cost of school uniforms or physical education uniforms (grades 6-12.)

    Q - How can I gain information regarding my account?
    A - Families participating in our online tuition payment program (FACTS) will have easy, convenient online access to their account by simply logging onto the school website and following the links to the FACTS Tuition Management site. You will need to refer to the login and password information you received upon enrolling in the FACTS program in order to access your personal family account. All HCA families should not hesitate to contact 847.214.3500 x3508 in the Finance Office for any additional assistance.

    Q - What is the school’s delinquency policy?
    A – Due to the school’s dependency on tuition revenue for operational costs, tuition payments must remain current using one of the five options mentioned above. FACTS payments that are returned due to Non-sufficient Funds will be assessed a NSF fee charged directly to the family’s account through the FACTS payment system.

    Q - How is after school care assessed?
    A - After school charges are assessed for services rendered as a part of the monthly billing procedure. Each month’s billing will reflect an accurate assessment of the prior month’s use of after school services.

    Q- How can I get information on Tuition Assistance?
    A- To learn more about the FACTs tuition assistance program used by HCA, please contact 847.214.3500 x3504. Online application opens in January 2016.  Financial aid is NOT available for preschool.

    The mission of Harvest Christian Academy is to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission. HCA is a ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel, one church on multiple campuses located throughout the Chicagoland area. HCA is located at the Elgin Campus.
    Address : 1000 N Randall Road Elgin, IL 60123
    Phone : 847.214.3500
    Fax : 847.214.3501
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