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    Grade 6 Earth Science Course Description: 
    Grade six science systematically explores and studies the Earth thus revealing its Creator, His design, and man’s impact upon these systems. The academic week will be devoted to the content within the text with appropriate demonstrations, presentations, and applications. Comprehension and note taking are stressed. In addition, students will develop, test, and present a research question or problem using the scientific method. Some of the subjects that will be addressed are the Scientific Method, Earth’s Structure and Plate Tectonics, Earth’s Materials, Water and Hydrologic Cycle, Weathering & Erosion, Soils, Atmosphere, Weather, Environment Science, and Solar System.

    Grade 6 Bible-Old Testament Part 1, Genesis to Judges Course Description:
    Grade 6 Bible provides an overview of Genesis through Judges. This course is designed to explore God's covenant relationship with His people and to expose students to the history, continuity, and general themes of the Old Testament and the as presented in the Bible.
    In addition, students learn various techniques for developing their individual study and life skills of observation concerning the facts presented, interpretation the writer’s message, and the application of the biblical truth. Course work includes daily readings from the Old Testament, recording observations, determining author's intent, and then applying these truths in today's world.

    Grade 6 History-Early Civilizations to the Age of Discovery Course Description: Grade 6 history traces man's development under God's sovereignty beginning with Creation through the Age of Discovery. Students will be challenged to develop a Biblical worldview as they explore and investigate events which have lead to the rise and fall of many great ancient civilizations. Included in this study is the birth and growth of the Christian Church and its impact or influence on nations and people of the times. A sampling of course topics: Creation and the Flood, Sumer and Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Assyria, Persia, Babylonia, Phoenicia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, and Age of Discovery.

    Grade 8 Bible-The Gospels: The Words and Acts of Christ Course Description: Grade 8 Bible is designed to expose students to the continuity and general themes concerning the life and major teachings of Jesus as presented in the four gospel accounts. Using Observation and Interpretation, students are to develop concepts and perception of God, God’s kingdom, faithful living through study of Jesus’ major discourses and Parables, miracles, and life events. As they study the Gospels, they are to realize man’s total depravity and need for God’s redemption; Jesus as the culmination of Old Testament prophecies and covenants; God’s plan for redemption as fully realized in Jesus alone, a suffering Messiah; concepts of repentance and faith leading to forgiveness and salvation; the falsehood of works based theology; and God as the triune, holy, faithful, sovereign, incarnate, servant king. Students are expected to participate in prayer, worship, and apply these lessons of faith, holiness, repentance, grace, and mercy to their lives and within the HCA community. A sampling of the concepts follows: salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone, Old Testament & New Covenants, Jesus as incarnate God, Jesus as a Suffering Messiah, repentance, personal faith, love, servant leader, glorification of God by the making of disciples, and roles of the Holy Spirit.

    General Expectations and Policies:

    Work Expectations:
    All student work is thorough, complete, and on-time in accordance with Colossians 3:23, in other words, as done unto the Lord as a personal act of worship.

    Preparation: Each student comes to class ready to learn; this means the student is punctual and has his/her Bible/textbook and materials, completed homework assignments, and a teachable attitude.

    Grading:  (list your grading breakdown)
    Tests and Projects 50%
    Quizzes 40%
    Homework 10%

    Late Work Policy:
    Excused (illness or prior arrangement): Student is given one day for each day of absence.
    Daily homework: 60% (class discussion is based upon the previous day's homework
    Projects: 10% per day late


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