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    There are basically four kinds of Financial Aid for College:
    1.  Need basis
    2.  Do not need to be repaid

    1.  Need or merit based
    2.  Do not have to be repaid

    1.  Do need to be repaid

    Work-Study Programs
    1. Federally subsidized work opportunities on campus
    2. Need based

    State Grants or Loans

    In order to get any of the college aid, federal or state grants or loans you must usually apply with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Through the FAFSA, the “family’s need” is calculated and then becomes the determining factor used to award much of the more desirable financial aid available to college students today. 

    1.) Fill out the form used for determining need, the FAFSA, which is available online at or at the school guidance office sometime in December. 

    2.) This form must be filled out completely and sent in ASAP after January 1.  You will be using items from your Income Tax return on this form.

    3.) Most colleges also use their own financial aid form, so be sure to find out what is necessary at the school(s) you are considering.

    4.) Contact the college financial aid office for specific institutional supplements to your aid and to determine what other options you have.  Many colleges, for example, have a work-study program to help defray college expenses.

    Scholarship Searches

    1.) Resources on the internet are the easiest to search for scholarships
    2.) Some common Scholarship resources online are:

    3.) Public libraries have a variety of scholarship materials.
    4.) Your HCA Guidance Office
    5.) The colleges themselves are the largest single source of scholarship money.  Investigate all programs from all colleges to which you are applying.
    6.) Beware of scholarship searches/services that cost money.  All of this information is available to you for free on the web.


    Current Scholarship Opportunities

    Next Nursing Leaders Scholarship
    Awarded by organization.
      $1000 awarded annually (Dec 17) to students who may be interested in pursing a career in nursing and that are currently accepted or enrolled in any college program. View the application opportunity.

    Health Care Professions Scholarship
    Awarded by this organization.
    $1000 awarded annually (Dec 17)  to students interested in pursing a career in any health care related profession and that are currently accepted or enrolled in any college program. View scholarship information. 



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