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    Our dress code is based on the biblical principles of modesty, neatness, and appropriateness. The intent is that a student’s appearance will not cause a distraction or disruption to the learning environment. Modesty is mentioned often as an important character quality (1Timothy 2:9, I Thessalonians 4:5-6). In addition, dress is to be distinctively masculine and feminine, reflecting a wholesome appreciation for God’s creative plan (Deuteronomy 22:5). As we determine to glorify the Lord in all we do (I Corinthians 10:31), these qualities help us to do that in the area of dress.  




    ·         All HCA students should exhibit modest and developmentally appropriate dress.

    ·         Any logo must be smaller than the size of a credit card.

    ·         Excessively tight fitting or baggy clothing is not permitted.

    ·         Hats are not to be worn inside the building.

    ·         Body piercing is not permitted (single ear piercing for a girl is permitted).

    ·         Unnaturally colored hair is NOT permitted.

    ·         Our uniform provider is Land’s End, but you are welcome to shop in uniform sections at the local retail stores.



    ·         Colors are to be navy or khaki only.

    ·         Material of bottoms are to be woven (not knit) such as gabardine, twill and corduroy.

    ·         Slack style options can be loose-fitting, flat front or pleated dress slacks.

    ·         Cargo pants/shorts are permitted.

    ·         Shorts that are mid-thigh in length are permitted.

    ·         Low-rise and hip hugging pants are NOT permitted.

    ·         Jeans and athletic shorts/sweats are NOT permitted.



    ·         Polo shirts/blouses must be collared and solid colored in white, gray, navy or light blue in short or long sleeves without a branding logo.

    ·         Layering with turtlenecks or crew-necks is permitted as long as all layers conform to color requirements while the outer layer conforms to shirt color and style requirements.

    ·         Sweaters can be crew-neck, v-neck or cardigan style or vests. They are to be navy, white or gray. Collared shirts/blouses are required under the sweater or vest.

    ·         HCA spirit wear, sweatshirts and athletic camp shirts are permitted any day.

    ·         HBC, Camp Harvest, High Five, Lions Soccer/Baseball shirts are NOT permitted (for grades K-5 only).



    ·         Athletic shoes in any colors are permitted.

    ·         Shoes with wheels, spinners or platforms are NOT permitted.

    ·         Girl’s shoes must be closed toed and closed heeled.

    ·         Shoes should be properly tied at all times. Velcro shoes are acceptable.



    ·         Simple jewelry is permitted.

    ·         Skirts- solid khaki or navy (without slits) or Harvest plaid (available through Lands End Uniform Store) must be of modest (not more than 2” above the knee) length.

    ·         Skorts- solid khaki or navy (mid-thigh in length) are permitted.

    ·         Capri pants- solid khaki or navy are permitted.

    ·         Bike shorts or leggings in navy, white or gray must be worn under jumpers, skirts and skorts.

    ·         Jumpers- solid khaki or navy or Harvest plaid (available through Lands End Uniform Store) must be modest (not more than 2” above the knee) length.

    ·         One piece dress shirts without branding emblem are permitted in navy and gray.



    The guidelines described above are not meant to be prescriptive, but merely reflects HCA’s philosophy that students dress with modesty and are neatly groomed.  We acknowledge the various styles of dress and the desire of students to dress “in style”.  We have attempted to bring variety in color, style, and selection of dress code pieces in order to provide some choice.  The dress code compliance offers students the opportunity to show love for God through their obedience.   We expect parents to support and enforce these dress code guidelines with their children.  As such, the following consequences will be upheld for violating the HCA dress code policy (per trimester):


    Offense 1:           Written warning by teacher.
    Offense 2:           Parents are contacted – student to wait in office for parent to bring uniform adjustment or will be given clothing to wear for the day.

    Offense 3:           Same as step two, and also a parent conference is held.

    Offense 4:           Disciplinary action


    HIGH SCHOOL—Grades 9-12



    Clothing should be modest, neat and appropriate for the school environment.

    Administration reserves the right to clarify the code with students from time to time.



    Clothing should not be tight, clingy or form fitting. Midriffs should not show when reading or bending down. Necklines should not be revealing. The length of skirts or dresses should be knee length or lower. Shoulders should be covered; no spaghetti straps allowed.



    Clothing should be in good repair. Belt lines for pants should not sag.



    ·         Writing on clothing which is inappropriate or brings undue attention are NOT permitted.

    ·         Pajama wear and sweat pants are NOT permitted.

    ·         Athletic pants and athletic shorts are NOT permitted.

    ·         Yoga pants, jeggings and tight leggings are NOT permitted

    ·         T-shirts designed to be undergarments (undershirts) should NOT be worn as outer garments.

    ·         Shorts should extend beyond the fingertips.

    ·         Sweatshirts are permitted.

    ·         Footwear should be worn at all times.



    The administration will make every effort to clarify acceptable formal wear standards for special occasions, such as Homecoming, winter dances and Prom.  Students who fail to adhere to formal wear standards may be asked to leave the formal event or be given something modest to wear during the event.



    The purpose of a dress code is to motivate self-discipline in the areas of modesty, neatness and appropriateness. It is the responsibility of parents to help educate a student in appropriate dress. It is the responsibility of the student to make proper choices, which glorify the Lord.


    When a dress code issue can be corrected immediately, the teacher will speak with the student concerning the issue and have the student make necessary corrections immediately.


    If the dress code issue cannot be corrected immediately, the teacher will send the student to the High School office. The student will remain in the office until they are in compliance with the HCA dress code. 


    Continuous or blatant dress code infractions will result in:

                    Offense 1:           Warning

                    Offense 2:           Parents contacted

                    Offense 3:           Detention/Work hours

                    Offense 4:           Disciplinary action could include suspension



    Middle and High School students are required to change clothes for PE class. HCA requires a prescribed uniform for physical education. These uniform shorts and shirt may be purchased through Land’s End Uniform Store. Our preferred school number is 900137142. Tennis shoes or athletic shoes must be worn.


    Purchase gray essential t-shirt and navy mesh shorts. Both are required to have the HCA logo on them when purchased. Pricing for 2017-2018 are as follows:


    Youth Boy’s mesh shorts            $17 + 2.50 logo               Youth Boy’s mesh shorts            $17+2.50 logo

    Men’s mesh shorts                      $20 + 2.50 logo               Men’s mesh shorts                      $20+2.50 logo

    Youth Boy’s t-shirt                     $10 + 2.50 logo               Youth Boy’s t-shirt                      $10+2.50 logo

    Men’s t-shirt                               $13 + 2.50 logo                Men’s t-shirt                               $13+2.50 logo

    We appreciate parents and other adults chaperoning field trips to wear appropriate and modest dress.
    The official HCA uniform supplier is Lands’ End. There are several reasons for this choice including, the brand recognition of a national company, and the high quality of clothing, honest value, competitive pricing, an excellent reputation for service and a return policy called Guarantee. Period.®. Returns are accepted for any size issue or product defect even if the item has been embroidered, washed or worn.

    Convenience and variety of shopping venues include:
    • Catalog by mail or phone
    • Website
    • Lands’ End Inlet & Lands’ End at Sears stores

    The Inlet and LE Shop @Sears stores may not carry our specific HCA uniform code, but you may try on and order clothes from the kiosk at those stores. When your order is placed in this manner – you will receive free shipping to your home. 

    When ordering by phone, catalog, or website, please refer to our Preferred School number: 900137142.  By using this number, you will see what clothing styles and colors are available to our school families. And a contribution of up to 3% of all sales from the Uniform line of Lands’ End product is given back to HCA.

    Go to the Lands’ End link below to access the Lands’ End website or download the flyer here. 

    As an added bonus, GIFT$ supplies Lands’ End gift cards with 16% going toward your tuition account. Now get great deals on great clothing and save on tuition at the same time.

    Go to Lands’ End School Uniforms to outfit your boys and girls in clothing that meets dress codes and exceeds expectations. Shop online at landsend.com/school. The HCA preferred school # is 900137142.


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