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    Talbott Behnken Superintendent Talbott Behnken became HCA's Superintendent on June 1, 2017. Talbott and his wife Misty have attended Harvest for 7 years and have 3 children, Lucy... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3215
    Dr. Ollie Gibbs Consultant to Superintendent (847) 214-3500
    Bob Young Lower School Principal, Preschool - Grade 8 Bob Young and his wife Andrea have attended Harvest Bible Chapel since 2003. Bob came to HCA in 2012 and taught for over 10 years at Larkin High... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3371
    Michael Simon Assistant Principal, Grades 9-12 Michael Simon joins HCA in 2016, as a graduate of Taylor University. He has six years of teaching experience at the elementary level. Mr. Simon and... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3369
    Andrea Burzlaff Director of Curriculum (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3352
    Shelby Naugle Director of Early Education Mrs. Naugle has a heart and passion for our preschool students that is reflected in the words of Matthew 19:14-15 . She loves the children and their... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3506
    Kristy Weidman Director of Admissions Mrs. Kristy Weidman joined the HCA staff in 2011 as assistant to the Executive Director. In 2013 she transitioned to the role of Director of... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3504
    Dave Lockwood Athletic Director Mr. David Lockwood has been the Director of Athletics at Harvest Christian Academy since March of 2011. Under his leadership, the HCA athletic... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3373
    Bridget Keeran Executive Assistant to the Superintendent (847) 214-3500 ext. 3424
    Carli Lopez Director of Student Services and Guidance Mrs. Carli Lopez joined the HCA staff in 2004. She taught for her first eight years on staff and then transitioned to a student support role. She... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3346
    Kayla Adams Grade 2 Teacher Kayla Adams began teaching at Harvest Christian Academy in the fall of 2014. She graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Elementary... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3392
    Naomi Allen Vocal Director Grades K-12 Naomi Allen joined us in 2014. She came to us with 3 years of teaching experience and service at Harvest Bible Chapel Rockford where she worked with... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3326
    Joel Aurand Grade 3 Teacher (847) 214-3500 ext. 3383
    Kathy Bennett Grade 2 Teacher (847) 214-3500 ext. x3314
    Tracy Boldog Grade 4 Teacher We welcomed Mrs. Boldog to our staff in 2011. She has been a public school teacher in McHenry County, with experience in kindergarten through fifth... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3339
    Simona Bonica High School Literature (847) 214-3500 ext. x
    Christi Brown Kindergarten Teacher Christi Brown started teaching at Harvest Christian Academy during the 2013-14 school year. In 1996, she earned her B.A. at Wheaton College. Her... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3386
    Erika Check High School Science (847) 214-3500 ext. x3312
    Daniela Condrea Preschool Teacher Aide Daniela Condrea joined our staff as a preschool teacher’s aide in 2014. She has been married to Ovi for 18 years and the Lord blessed them with... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3319
    Christian Constante High School Bible (847) 214-3500 ext. x3315
    Jesse Crognale History Teacher Grades 7-8, Men's Discipleship We are blessed to have Jesse Crognale at HCA since 2005. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Jess has a BA from Houghton College in secondary education with a... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3359
    Cathy D’Alessandro Math Department Director, Middle School Math Cathy D’Alessandro serves as Harvest Christian's Math Department Chair and has received her MEd in educational psychology from Northern... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3362
    Amanda Davis MS & US Science Teacher (847) 214-3500 ext. x3311
    Larry DeHaan High School Calculus and Pre-Calculus Teacher Mr. DeHaan joined the HCA staff in January of 2017. We are delighted to have him teaching in our math department. Mr. DeHaan found Christ as Savior... More (847) 214-3500
    Cindy Devol Technology Grades K-8 Mrs. Cindy Devol graduated from Kendall College in Chicago with a BA in early childhood education with a special education concentration and a... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3364
    Deanna Devol School Nurse Deanna Devol came to HCA in Summer of 2015, after nearly 15 years of hospital nursing experience. Mrs. Devol received her Bachelors Degree in Nursing... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3378
    Phil Devol Bible Teacher Grades 6 & 8 Mr. Devol joined the HCA faculty in 2006 after serving five years as Pastor of children's and student ministries at Harvest Bible Chapel in Glen... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3363
    Diana Dobrescu Preschool Teacher Aide Diana Dobrescu started serving at HBC in the children’s ministry for AWANA & High 5 since 2006 and volunteered at HCA for the past couple... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x 3320
    Katherine Dossous High School Biology and Anatomy (847) 214-3500 ext. 3331
    Jacklyn Enger High School History, Government & Student Council Jacklyn Enger graduated from the University of Montana in 2005 with a BA in history. She earned her Masters in secondary education from Trinity... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3343
    Kim Floyd PE Teacher Grades K-4 God lead the Floyd family to the Elgin Campus in 2010 and Kim came on staff here at HCA in 2012. She brought with her years of experience coaching... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3389
    Nicole Fredericksen Preschool Administrative Assistant & Admissions Nicole Fredericksen joined our staff in 2004 with a BS in elementary education from NIU. Throughout this time, she has had the pleasure of serving as... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3509
    Jake Fritze Middle School Bible Teacher Pastor Jake came to know Christ when he was 16 years old. Before Christ, he was a reckless teenager living for himself. When Christ got a hold of him... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x1126
    Karyn Goodwin Learning Resource Teacher Mrs. Karyn Goodwin serves HCA as a Learning Resource Teacher. She tutors students in reading, spelling and writing using the Barton Reading and... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3379
    Jennifer Gray Grade 3 Teacher Mrs. Jennifer Gray graduated from Missouri Southern State University in Joplin with a BS in elementary education. She has been on staff as part of... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3370
    Jake Harmon Middle School Math Teacher Mr. Jake Harmon joined our HCA teaching staff in the 2016-17 school year coming to us with over five years of classroom experience teaching middle... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3391
    Jennifer Hawkins High School Health Jennifer Hawkins has been attending Harvest and on staff for more than 10 years. She came to Christ in 2003, giving her life to Him when she realized... More (847) 214-3500
    Diana Havis Preschool Teacher Diana Havis earned her BA degree from Elmhurst College and Master’s degree from University of Illinois Champaign. She joined the HCA staff in... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3320
    Robyn Helms Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director (847) 214-3500 ext. 3551
    Teressa Helsley Preschool Teacher (847) 214-3500
    Holly Herrick Preschool Extended Care (847) 214-3500 ext. x3321
    Amy Hitchings Art Teacher Grades K-5 (847) 214-3500
    Noelle Hoffmeister Language Arts Middle School Noelle and Jon Hoffmeister have been married since 1996 and have three sons at Harvest Christian Academy. Mrs. Hoffmeister blessed our school in 2011... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3367
    Lesli Hopwood Middle and High School Administrative Assistant Lesli Hopwood came to our staff in January of 2010. She assists the administration staff of both the HCA Middle School and High School as well as... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3518
    Sally Huston Preschool Teacher Sally Huston joined HCA as a preschool aide in 2013. She has been married to her best friend, Steve, for 19 years and is the proud mom of Andrew,... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3321
    Mary Ann Isakson High School Spanish Mrs. Mary Ann Isakson joined our staff in 2008. Since 1978, she has been developing and teaching K-12 Spanish programs and served one year as Middle... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3349
    Beth Jarvis Kindergarten Teacher (847) 214-3500 ext. 3357
    Nate Johnson PE Teacher Grade 5-12 Nate Johnson joined the HCA in 2006 and has coached volleyball and basketball here over the past ten years. He holds a BA in upper school education... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3376
    Amy Kananen History Teacher High School & Grade 6 Amy Kananen has been teaching since 2003 and loves teaching History. She graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas with a BA in... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3361
    Ruth Kane Preschool Aide (847) 214-3500 ext. x3321
    Samantha Kownacki Grade 1 Teacher (847) 214-3500 ext. x3310
    Kim Kuk Preschool Aide (847) 214-3500 ext. x3323
    Lisa Lancaster Preschool Extended Care Staff (847) 214-3500
    Sidney Leon Language Arts Teacher Grade 8 Sidney Leon recently graduated from Judson University with her BA in Elementary Education. She has attended Harvest Bible Chapel since 2010, where... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3385
    Laurie Manusos Receptionist (847) 214-3500 ext. x3515
    Chris Marchand High School Bible Teacher (847) 214-3500 ext. x3315
    Joy Martin Receptionist (847) 214-3500
    Tony Maurer High School Coding (847) 214-3500
    Sarah McCormick Preschool Teacher Sarah McCormick came to HCA as a preschool teacher in the fall of 2014. She has been teaching for 10 years and has her BA in Elementary Education... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3323
    Amy McLoughlin Math Teacher Grades 6-7, High School Algebra Mrs. Amy McLoughlin joined the HCA staff in 2014 as a middle school math teacher. Mrs. McLoughlin comes to HCA with a Masters' Degree from National... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3348
    Jennifer Melugin Band and Orchestra Grades 5-12 Mrs. Jennifer Melugin joined the HCA faculty in 2004 and has over a decade of experience teaching and directing elementary, middle, and high school... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3350
    Joanna Newby Strings Teacher Grades 6-12 (847) 214-3500 ext. 3380
    Dave Oda College Counselor (847) 214-3500 ext. x3344
    Ginger Oostdyk Grade 5 Teacher Ginger joined HCA's teaching staff in 2013. She has a BA in psychology and has been teaching since 2009. Ginger and her husband Bill have been... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3335
    Laurie Pawelek Preschool Teacher Mrs. Laurie Pawelek started volunteering at HCA several years ago and substituting in the lower school and preschool classrooms. In 2010, Mrs.... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3322
    Krista Peterson Math Teacher Grades 8-9 Mrs. Krista Peterson earned her BA degree from Augustana College in mathematics and secondary education and her MA from National Lewis University in... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3384
    Heather Pfister Grade 1 Teacher Heather joined our HCA staff part-time in 2011. She has her Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Teaching and Leadership.... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3510
    Nisha Philip Grade 5 Teacher Mrs. Philip joins HCA in 2008 as a graduate of Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois. Upon completing her BA in liberal arts and... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3351
    Rhonda Pisha Preschool Teacher Aide (847) 214-3500
    Cathy Pribyl Lower School Administrative Assistant Mrs. Cathy Pribyl joined the HCA staff in August, 2010. She finds great joy in serving all those who come to the Lower School office; whether it's... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3517
    Kyle Rahtjen Worship and Production Arts Grades 6-12 Mr. Kyle Rahtjen was born in Kinsely, Kansas and earned his BS in music education from the University of Mobile, Alabama. Mr. Rahtjen has spent time... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3358
    Jean Sasaki Preschool Extended Care Staff Jean has a Bachelors degree in Education with an emphasis in Special Education. She loves working with children and helping them discover their... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3322
    Karly Schneiderwind HS Yearbook Director, Technology Karly has been at HCA since 2011. Her husband Tommy and their four children have been attending HBC since 2009. All four of their children attend... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3592
    Christy Semerau Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics (847) 214-3500 ext. x3515
    Jennifer Serrato Art Teacher Grades 6-12 Jennifer joined HCA in 2004 with ten years experience teaching elementary art. She received a B.A. in art education from Wheaton College and her... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3342
    Alison Sherman Preschool Extended Care (847) 214-3500
    Bethany Smith American & British Literature, AP Language & Compostition Bethany Smith began teaching high school English at Harvest Christian Academy in 2008. She is married to Joel Smith, who works in production at... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3354
    Michelle Strissel Preschool Teacher Mrs. Michelle Strissel holds a degree in Child Development in Early Childhood. She has worked in the early childhood field for 18 years. She has... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3319
    Lynne Warner Grade 4 Teacher Lynne Warner joined Harvest Christian Academy in 2007 as a third grade teacher at HCA on the Rolling Meadows Campus, then the principal. In 2011,... More (847) 214-3500 ext. 3375
    Tabitha Yi High School Language Arts, Speech (847) 214-3500 ext. 3382
    Jill Young Library Aide Mrs. Jill Young has been a part of HCA since 2006, when her family relocated to the Elgin area from Nashville, TN. Jill is a graduate of Illinois... More (847) 214-3500 ext. x3341
    Sara Yun Theater Arts Director (847) 214-3500
    Julius Alfaro Middle School PE Teacher Mr. Alfaro graduated in May 2017 from the University of Illinois with his degree in physical education and is an ISBE licensed PE teacher. He brings... More

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