Summer School

Get ahead and add one credit hour to your transcript. Select a fun course for summer study. Dr. Judith Bethge

Summer School Details:

  • Tuesday, May 28- Friday June 14- no classes on Mondays
  • 8:00 AM- 1:15 PM each day
  • Bring a lunch

Summer School Attendance Policy:

Students must complete all 12 days of the summer school program for credit.  One (1) absence is permitted but it is highly recommended that students not miss any day as each day is the equivalent of approximately 1 1/2 weeks of instruction in a semester course. Students will not receive credit if they miss more than 1 day. Students must participate in the full day from 8:00 AM to 1:15 PM.  There will be no exceptions or early release. Please check and confirm your calendar and plan accordingly.

AP Bootcamp| Strategies for Success:

Thinking about taking an AP or Honors class? Wanting an opportunity to work on core skills in an AP or Honors class? Join us this summer for our first AP Bootcamp to set yourself up for success during the next school year.  You will have the opportunity to build and strengthen your tools for success during the academic year in your next AP or Honors class.  We STRONGLY recommend and encourage all incoming Freshmen and any current high school students who have an interest in AP or Honors courses to take this summer bootcamp to launch you successfully into the rigor of an AP or Honors course in the Fall.  This course would also be helpful to students in AP or Honors courses who want to sharpen their skills for next school year.

Some Possible Session Topics:

  • Learning Strategies
  • What to expect in AP/Honors
  • Organization, Time Management, Study Skills
  • Leadership, Collaboration, Problem Solving
  • Reading College-level texts
  • Note-taking
  • Communication Skills – Harkness, Socratic Seminars, etc.
  • Critical Thinking
  • Document Analysis
  • Writing Workshops
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • AP Exam resources



Join us this summer to create with clay!  Students will create different projects by hand building and throwing clay using the potter’s wheel.  Students will work independently, improving their skills, learning all the amazing things we can make with clay.  Ceramics 1 and 2 will be offered at the same time, with individual instruction as needed. Students will have the opportunity to create many pieces, with plenty of time to practice using the wheels.  Pieces will be glazed and fired when finished.

Graphic Design 101:

Summer is a great time for this creative class. The class will focus on beginning to understand the Adobe Software and its use in designing layouts for various projects. It focuses on the value of quality copywriting, tagline development and choosing or manipulating exisitng brands as well as some brand development of the student’s own.


Satisfy your health class requirement this summer and make room in your schedule for the next school year!  Health in the summer will cover the same content topics as the semester-long class.

We will study a variety of topics that focus on all four areas of total health: physical, mental, social, and spiritual.  Students will use class notes, discussion topics, and Google Classroom to benefit them as they make wise decisions for the Lord in the teenage years.

Topics will include evangelism and convictions, worldview, sleep habits, time management, nutrition, exercise, decision-making, first aid/CPR, Infectious and noninfectious disease.